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Were you hurt in a Wisconsin auto accident?

Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney Sally A. Hestad settles injury insurance claims for her clients. These claims include whiplash, neck, back and shoulder injuries, broken bones, and head injuries. The injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls and dog bites.  As a former claims adjuster, Sally knows the system and has successfully settled over 1000 injury claims.

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Attorney Sally's Claim Tip # 9
Filling out the Loss of Quality of Life Questionnaire shows how your accident injuries affected your life.
--After an accident, some clients remain in pain for 6-12 months or even longer. During their healing period, these clients may have problems sitting for more than 30 minutes, standing for more than 20 minutes, raising their arms to shoulder level or above, etc.
This means they cannot watch a whole movie with their family, cannot drive to visit relatives out of town, cannot enjoy their hobbies such as skiing or golf, cannot perform all their usual work duties, etc.
--Filling out Hestad Law’s Loss of Quality of Life Questionnaire helps clients recall and communicate the many ways the accident injuries changed their normal routines. 
Hestad Law will include a Loss of Quality of Life section in your demand, the letter we send to the insurance company asking for compensation for your injuries.

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